United for F.A.M.E: the motto of Interreg Fame Road project

19 people, 5 official partners, Gravina of Puglia, Grottaglie, UniVersus, the Municipality of Aigialeia and E.R.F.C. – the European Regional Framework for Cooperation, generated many ideas during the second F.A.M.E. Road project meeting, held at the UniVersus Consortium in Bari on 17th and 18th of February.

Sustainability, empowerment, education and cultural training for new generations are the keywords of the project but also the promotion of local products that need to be authentic, typical and healthy.

F.A.M.E., Food, Art, Movement and Energy are the essential topics around which promoting a local development model that aims at enhancing the Local Brand Equity through the creation of positive links between agriculture, tourism, craftsmanship and trade. The relationships between citizens and tourists must be in the centre of the cultural, economic and social growth in order to built a unique ecosystem to safeguard and guarantee a better community life.

The meeting was inspiring to the drawing up of the F.A.M.E. Road Manifesto which will represent the guiding principles. Specific actions have been identified for the next three months. The most crucial ones are related to the creation of the Brand, the Network set up by enterprises and active citizens willing to invest in a collective community development.

“United for F.A.M.E” was the motto of the 5 partners: integrating the two cultures is one of the main aims of this project.