Workshop “Mediterranean Diet and Sustainable Tourism in Puglia” – 18 September Bari

Apulian Public Theatre, partner of Interreg SPARC project, “Creativity Hubs for Sustainable Development through the Valorization of Cultural Heritage Assets”, organizes a workshop “Mediterranean Diet and Sustainable Tourism in Puglia” ,that will be held on 18th September (3.00 pm) at the Cineporto of Bari (Fiera del Levante).

The workshop will involve the operators, companies and networks of associations in the field of culture, tourism and food&wine with the final aim to create an useful synergy among them and to strengthen economical exchanges.

The initiative is focused on the valorization of the traditional food and wine products, which is one of the five thematic issues that the project deals with. The other themes are the promotion of the Carnival Systems in Puglia and in Greece, the cultural tourism, the management of cultural & natural heritage, the touristic merchandising and artistic crafts.

Special guest Alessio Cavicchi (University of Macerata) who will speak about the importance of a sustainable touristic development model, based on the quality of life and the quality of typical food and wine products.

SPARC project is led by the Municipality of Patras, with 2 Greek partners, the Region of Western Greece and the Chamber of Achaia, and two Italian partners, the Apulian Public Theatre and the Department of Tourism, Economy of Culture and Valorization of the Territory of Puglia Region. Associated partner is the Patras Carnival association.

The project aims to valorize the cultural and natural heritage of Puglia and Greece and to strengthen the sustainable tourism economy in Puglia, through the support of regional Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI).