Interreg Path: a contest to storytell the biodiversity of the Reserves of Taranto coastline

The Oriented Regional Nature Reserves of the Eastern Tarantine Coast launches the contest #promotingmyarea reserved for students between 12 and 19 years old to tell in an original way the beauty of the Nature Reserves of the Tarantine Coast, the richness of flora and fauna, nature itineraries and experiential paths created through the cooperation project P.A.T.H. – “Promoting Area Attractiveness through Hiking and Introducing a Different Touristic Approach.

The competition expires on March 8, 2021.
You can consult the rules through the following link or request information by writing to:

The participation is free and open to the second/third grade and all classes of secondary schools based in the town of Manduria or neighboring towns. The objective of the contest is to involve the schools of the local communities in order to valorize the cultural heritage and biodiversity of the Reserves, in particular of the paths identified within the PATH project.

Thanks to Path project, 10 itineraries have been identified in the area of the Reserves, the creation of 360° emotional videos along nature paths, which will then be shared through an interactive multimedia map developed by the partner ITC-CNR; the creation of a path for people with special needs and the development of an application that will allow to visit the itineraries of the Reserves through an interactive map.