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Greece and Italy have huge cultural and natural assets that can contribute to boost their economic growth and improve people’s quality of life.


The main objective of Creative@Hubs project is to establish an increased synergy between creative industries and Public authorities in order to contribute the capability of regions to create new knowledge and to generate innovation. The creative industries – which include advertising, marketing, architecture, arts and crafts, design, fashion, film, video, photography, music, performing arts, publishing, research & development, software, computer games, electronic publishing, and TV/radio – are the lifeblood of the creative economy, because their core business is the "ability to create", for the production of new ideas, concepts, plans, links, processes and clusters.


The project aims to support the integration of creative issues at governance level,  to help creative entrepreneurs and resources in the field of innovative industries, by promoting innovation through existing local systems (clusters, laboratories, universities, science parks).

Thanks to this project, 6 buildings will be renovated in Creative Hubs: 4 Hubs in Greece, in the town of Agrinio, in the neoclassical building in Messolonghi in the Agricultural School of Patras and in Pyrgos, while in Italy the pavillon 115 of Fiera del Levante and a Pavillon of Foggia Fair will be renovated.  

Lead partner is the Region of Western Greece, in cooperation with Region of Epirus, Region of Ionian Islands and Puglia Region - Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environmental Protection.

Budget € 10.000.000,00
Time From 20.08.2019 To 19/08/2022
Priority Axis Innovation & competitiveness Targeted

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