Interreg Creative@hubs: 10 workshop in Helia – Greece

The Chamber of Helia organized the first 10 training workshops for Culturale and creative and the Agri-Food companies, within the Creative@Hubs project. The first workshop was held in Pyrgos on 5 December 2022 with topic: “Creative@Hubs – Local – Regional Development and Creative Industries”. The keynote speaker, George Rompolas, was referred to the main goal which is

Interreg CoofHea in Greece: “a true relief” for the Hospitals

“A true relief”: this is the sentence that summarizes the results of Interreg Coofhea in Greece. We have interviewed some representatives of two involved beneficiaries – Ioannis Georgiadis and Konstantina Barkoula from the Hospital of Saint Andrew, and Maria Malliou from the Hospital of Ilia – asking them which benefits their hospitals have received from

Interreg CoofHea tests an innovative clinical remote assistance between Greece and Italy

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically highlighted the organizational and management weakness within the various healthcare systems, urging National and Regional authorities to intervene with innovative technological solutions that could guarantee a minimum of support to traditional hospitals and general medicine healthcare system. In parallel, the difficulties reported by most of the patients (especially

Interreg Creative@Hubs in Patras awards the winners of the open innovation contest

The awards ceremony of the cross-border open innovation contest of the Interreg Creative@Hubs project, took place in Patras (Greece) on Friday, 3 February 2023 at the Regional Council of the Region of Western Greece.  The event was moderated, on behalf of the Regional Development Fund of the Region of Western Greece, Mr. Andreas Tsiliras, cultural

Interreg Creative@Hubs announces the winners of the Open Innovation Contest

The Interreg Creative@Hubs Cross-Border Open Innovation Contest for business ideas and proposals in the field of Cultural & Creative Industries, was concluded with the announcement of the awards. The winner are: 1. Agri-food Thematic Section 2. Crafts / Visual-Artistic creations / Performing Arts Thematic Section 3. Cultural Tourism and Cultural Heritage Thematic Section The results

Interreg Creative@hubs: the Chamber of Achaia organized 3 workshops for funding & marketing

The Chamber of Achaia organized in December 2022 3 workshops for the training of the local creative and cultural industries, within Creative@Hubs project. The 12th seminar was held on 7 December 2022, at the Events Hall of the Chamber of Achaia, Aigio Branch (Elikis 24, Aigio) entitled “Sources of funding for businesses, associations and organizations

Interreg AI Smart in Puglia: 2 sustainable paths from the port of Otranto to the inland territories

Sustainability, identity and enhancement of cultural heritage are just some of the key concepts underlying the cultural paths created thanks to the AI ​​SMART project. The two paths identified will favor the interaction of the port of Otranto with the inland territories and the opposite Ionian coast, in order to promote sustainable and inclusive transnational

Interreg AI Smart in Greece for the requalification of Nydri port

Thanks to AI SMART project, the port of Nydri has started the redevelopment and modernization works of the existing port infrastructures. Nydri is the busiest nautical tourist destination of Lefkada hosting several visitors and yachts every year. It’s an ideal destination for the sailing and yachting enthusiasts, offering a variety of touristic, commercial and fishery

Interreg AI Smart in Mola di Bari Puglia: infrastructural interventions for the requalification of the port

Interreg AI ​​SMART provides an infrastructural interventions for the requalification of port areas in the Municipality of Mola di Bari. The port, characterized by the presence of several fishing boats that represent a strong tourist attraction, has two piers, one to the east and one to the west. The infrastructural intervention concerns the first section

Interreg AI Smart in Puglia for the improvement and development of the port area of Otranto

Thanks to the AI ​​SMART project, several redevelopment and adaptation interventions are planned for the port of Otranto, functional to improving cross-border maritime and cruise transport. These infrastructural interventions will allow the port and the city to develop and implement new and innovative services for the tourism and port sector. Otranto, a city located in